- Assessment

Aim of the Assessment:  Estimate health of the system

Health is only  possible if:

  • all process dimensions (targets) are represented.  Assess strategies in all Process Dimensions
  • the person/family is satisfied with the emphasis and the strategies within the dimensions (cultural patterns). Let the person/family evaluate their own strategies
  • the person's or family's interchange with the environment is positive (person/family is satisfied; strategies are in agreement with environmental norms). Assess the quality of Individuation from the perspective of all involved.  
  • there is no excessive anxiety. Assess individual and family Coherence.


The Assessment of the quality and balance of the process dimensions addresses the system's Health.  



Assess Health Patterns within the Process Dimensions (For Details see "The Framework of Systemic Organization" Tables 2.1 and 2.2)


System Maintenance                               Coherence                                                  

Family Structure                                                               

Housing and Community

Self Care/Family Roles

Activities, Rituals, Relaxation

Rhythms, Schedules, Planning

Levels (Needs) of Human Development

Mental Stimulation

Religious Patterns

 Family Identity



 Security, Helpfulness

 Love, Respect for Family Members

 Culture/Shared Values

 Inner Peace/Acceptance



 Individuation                                          System Change                                          

Experiencing, Learning/ Sharing Experiences

Working, Creating/Sharing and Respecting Differences

Relationships in Family/ Friendships 

New Information/ Open Discussions

Relationship Roles in the Family/ Networking Outside

Involvement in Outside Happenings

Values and Ideologies/Finding Purpose

 Change of Attitude

 Change of Values

 Change of Roles and Structure

 Available Resources to make Changes

 Problems with Adjustments