- Assessment


The Assessment occurs throughout the sessions

Family history and past happenings with the substance user are not relevant here. 

Of importance are family health lived at the moment: How the 2 families function within the 4 process dimensions. This includes relationships among the family members and motivation to improve them; communication patterns that are helpful or hurtful.

The initial assessment is done with two instruments, the ASF-E and the Family Apgar. 

The results are not scientific but they are used as a basis for discussion of family health, using the model diagram. Also, the results for various members of the same family are not equal. Again, these differences serve as a topic of discussion (e.g. Why did the mother rate the togetherness in the family as high but the daughter did not?) A diagram as below can be copied for each family as a working document: 

There is no formal assessment process.

The preparation of the family occurs in three steps:

Step 1 is to inform the families about a healthy family looks like, using the model diagram. 

Step 2  is an exercise of family sculpting to visualize relationships and how they feel.

Step 3  is to remodel the family sculpture until relationships feel good.

The families are then ready to assess themselves, using the model diagram.