- Family Health

 Propositions - Family Health


  1. Family health encompasses four observable criteria:
    • the presence of strategies within all process dimensions
    • satisfaction of all family members with their family
    • positive environmental feedback about family members' execution of roles in community systems
    • low anxiety level in the family.
  2. Family health is a dynamic process that, in response to changing situations, is continually attempting new ways of reestablishing congruence within the system and with the environment.
  3. Family style is the product of weighing and emphasizing the targets/process dimensions and choosing certain strategies within them.
  4. No family style can be judged effective or ineffective without evaluation of the four criteria of family health.


Family Health is congruence experienced by all in the family and between their system and the environment. Optimal health is the result of a balanced family process and low anxiety experienced by the members.